During your hearing aid evaluation appointment, we will determine your hearing lifestyle and personalize the treatment solutions for your hearing health care needs. Remember to bring a friend or loved one with you to your appointment. There is important information discussed at this appointment, and having an extra person listening on your behalf can be helpful.

Our unique approach at Rocky Mountain Hearing Aid Center includes the following process with your audiologist:

Discovery and Lifestyle Assessment

We will first identify your individual hearing lifestyle. We want to understand how you connect and communicate with those around you. We also want to know your hearing priorities and goals.


Diagnostic Evaluation and Explanation

Through a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we will diagnose your hearing loss and explain the results. We will also review how hearing works and the benefits of binaural hearing.


Treatment Plan Recommendation and Fitting

Together we will decide on the most appropriate hearing technology for you and your lifestyle. We will then schedule a hearing aid fitting appointment. This appointment will be a thorough orientation on how your devices work for you.


Ongoing Patient Support and Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with excellent hearing health care. Our audiologists are here to provide ongoing support and will ensure your needs are consistently met.

We understand what it means for you to be able to reconnect with your family, friends, and community. That’s why we believe that “value” is not measured by price alone. Value is about how we utilize our knowledge and experience to create a customized solution that meets your hearing expectations and fits your lifestyle.

For many patients, the hearing aid evaluation appointment is only the beginning. The process of better hearing is ongoing. You should expect to work side-by-side with your audiologist and update him or her regularly with any listening environments that continue to cause frustration.

Today’s technology provides a great deal of flexibility in programming, so please allow us to continue to adapt the technology to your changing lifestyle demands. Over time, our comprehensive approach will provide a long-term solution to assist you in reconnecting to life.

Are Your Current Hearing Aids Not Performing Their Best?

For your convenience, Rocky Mountain Hearing Aid Center services most makes and models of hearing aids. No matter where you received your hearing aids, we are happy to provide services. Contact our location today to see if we are able to service your devices. We will work with you to ensure you’re hearing your best.