Did you know? Excess noise, foreign objects in the ear canal, and surplus moisture in the ear are among the most preventable causes of hearing loss. That’s why it’s important to use earplugs when engaged in loud activities such as attending concerts and stadium games; working with firearms, farm animals, or machinery; enjoying swimming and other water sports; or riding motorcycles.

Though you can buy disposable or reusable earplugs right off the shelf in various colors, styles, and materials at area drugstores, the expert audiologists at Rocky Mountain Ear Center can create better-fitting, washable, custom molds tailored to your unique ears to keep dirt, debris, water, and noise out of your ears and provide maximum hearing protection and hygiene.

Some additional benefits of custom protection:

  • Designed to retain accurate frequency response, letting you experience the full range of sounds — just at a reduced volume.
  • Vented to allow sound to pass both ways, which means the sound of your voice won’t reverberate inside your ears as it would with most earplugs.
  • Molded from medical-grade silicone, allowing you to wear the earplugs for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Made in some cases to accommodate replaceable sound filters, letting you select the level of protection you need for the situation with 9, 15, 25, or other decibel reduction.


How Do We Make Custom Earmolds?

It all starts with an examination to check on the health of your ears. Once they receive a clean bill of health from the audiologist, we take impressions of your ears using special blocks that guard your ear canals as we insert material that sets to their shape. The protective block may feel a bit itchy or scratchy for a moment, but that will quickly pass.

After a brief few minutes during which the impression material fully sets, your audiologist will relieve any pressure accumulated in the ears, gently remove the new impressions, check for any leftover material, and ensure your ear canals are as they were before the impressions. If everything’s clear and the new impressions are accurate, they’ll be sent off-site to be turned into your unique molds.


What Types of Earpieces Do We Provide?

Concert Plugs
Enjoy every note of your favorite bands without the ear-splitting decibels that can harm your hearing. Also ideal for machinists, airport and airline staff, dentists, music instructors, and others working in high-noise environments.

Musician Plugs
Give your fans an unforgettable show without hurting your ears. Cutting-edge design provides a high-quality audio experience that curbs external noise, provides clear sound, and helps achieve consistent performances.

Hunting Plugs
Get the shot without experiencing hearing loss with plugs that keep out intense, harmful sound while allowing you to easily hear conversations, warnings, and other critical conversation. Safe and easy fit ensures hours of comfort.

Sleeping Plugs
Experience comfortable, uninterrupted rest with plugs that block out the sounds and stay snug as you sleep. Especially recommended for light sleepers and those who work alternative shifts.

Swimming Plugs
Protect against excess moisture during swim or shower time, helping reduce the risk of otitis externa or “swimmer’s ear,” an outer-ear infection typically caused by bacterial or fungal growth when the skin in the ear canal potentially becomes irritated from activities such as swimming. Also effective for those who work outside in the heat, helping keep sweat away.


How Can You Start Protecting Your Hearing?

At Rocky Mountain Ear Center, we work with top manufacturers to provide you the best custom hearing protection, earmolds, and in-ear monitors available. So don’t wait. For solutions tailored to your ears and specific hearing-protection needs, please call our expert team today.