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Our expert staff of audiologists provide services to those from newborn to over a hundred years old. These include basic behavioral tests and sophisticated computerized otoneurological evaluations. When appropriate, the latest digital hearing instruments may be utilized to help compensate for a hearing impairment.

Hearing Loss

Hearing is our most critical sense when it comes to our ability to communicate, and even small degrees of hearing loss can have profound effects on how we interact and connect with others.

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Hearing Tests

Repeated exposure to loud noises, like the 140-decibel blast of a rifle or the 130-decibel roar of a jet taking off, can cause irreparably damage to the hair cells of the inner ear – those cells that enable one to hear. Hearing loss caused by loud noises can be prevented through the use of custom-made earplugs.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by persistent ringing in one or both ears which can only be heard by the affected individual. It has also been described as whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing in the ear.

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Pediatric Hearing Loss

At Rocky Mountain Hearing Aid Center, we treat patients of all ages, and we take particular pleasure in helping children with hearing loss, who have so much ahead of them to hear and learn.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Exposure to excessive noise levels (greater than 85 decibels) during work or other activities can significantly increase your risk of hearing loss, or exacerbate an existing hearing impairment. Hearing protection prevents damaging noise levels by dampening the piercing sounds but still allowing you to hear the sounds you want to hear clearly.

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